Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Long time no post....

So let me present to you some photos
from the actions that took place with the posterized first issue

-the day we posted it: 

-3 weeks later:

...so far nothing is changed...

-the day we posted it:
-3 weeks later:

not glad to see this...
we will repost it in a spot nearby...

-the day we posted it:

-3 weeks later:

...a nice change : there are some tags on
the free space of the cover,
inspired by that we did some
changes to the cover...

-the day we posted it:

...we added to the cover a" tag here .. and here..." 
in order to see how many people did like it
by the tags on it and the tags on the blog,
we have just posted it so we haven't yet
gone there and see some results...
Next we will repost the issue on messollogiou street ...
asta la vista baby ...